Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Worlaby Carrs.

An all day visit to the patch today got me some decent sightings over the 8 hours i was on site,the best of which for me,was a stunning pale morph Common Buzzard.It was first seen perched on top of a hawthorn in the direction of Broughton bridge and was being mobbed by a Kestrel,but later was watched attempting to hunt Wood Pigeons in a wood near to the railway crossing.When perched the bird has a white head and all white underparts,but it is in flight when it looks most striking,with an all white body and underwings,with small black carpal crescents,it also sports a white tail base and it made me wonder how long it is going to be before people are claiming a Rough-leg down here!!Other sightings still left from my recent visits included the 2 Whooper Swan near to the railway crossing,1 Green Sandpiper at the Ancholme,1 female Stonechat,4 Barn Owl,27 Curlew,14 Corn Bunting,11 more Common Buzzard and a huge swirling flock of 550+ Teal at the Ancholme which put on a fantastic show of aerobatics.New birds today included an adult female Marsh Harrier,a male Peregrine watched attacking,unsuccessfully,a flock of Woodies and singles of Kingfisher and Woodcock.Mammal sightings today comprised of a group of 5 female Roe Deer,8 Brown Hare and a Weasel.An enjoyable day,despite the weather forecast being cocked up again!!

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