Sunday, January 23, 2011

Webs Highlights.....

A dawn start at a dull and dreary New Holland this morning,was livened up by a few good sightings here as i took part in the monthly Webs Count which takes part at various sites around the country.The best birds for me today were the lovely wild swans which where thankfully still present on the fields between New Holland bulk terminal and Goxhill tilery.This flock comprises 9 Bewick's and today 12 Whooper Swan,with the Whooper's maxima being of 28 birds in past weeks gone by.It was great to watch them feeding together,although they were very wary,thanks to the local farmer chasing them off at every given oppertunity.The Bewick's took to flight and were seen flying towards Barton.Close by a confiding female Smew was watched on New Holland Ski ponds,associating with a flock of Tufties and on the Humber the Goldeneye flock had dropped down to 247 birds.Other niceities,were an adult Med. Gull passing by up river and a female Brambling with Chaffinches near the grain terminal.A decent few hours in the gloom,oh for some sunshine!.

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