Saturday, April 02, 2011

Far-Ings NNR. 01.04.11.

A spare few hours this morning while her indoors was working,so i decided to pop over to Far-Ings and have a look to see what spring migrants had arrived on the banks of the Humber.The first migrants i came across,were a steady passage of Sand Martins over ness lake all moving west,with a total of 125 birds,but no Swallows or House Martins today.After spending what seemed like an eternity in Ness hide and dodging a few showers,i enjoyed some nice views of an adult male Marsh Harrier as it hunted the now dry scrapes and reedy causeway,a lovely bird!.After seeing the Harrier i continued onto the Humber bank,quickly seeing a Wheatear sillouhette on the banktop.I then began to watch this harbinger of spring and it showed nicely as it caught several insects,things wern't going to badly at all.After this i made the daft mistake of walking around the new pools instead of walking through north meadow,as Andy found a male Firecrest after i had left,buggar!.A quick check of Old cements before leaving for home revealed a single Willow Warbler and a nice male Blackcap which showed very well and spent most of the time i observed it,singing that,rich fluty song,my first of the year and a good end to the visit.

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