Sunday, April 24, 2011


A family outing with Trace,Shell and Lee,saw us popping into Whisby nature reserve near Lincoln so muggins could go and see the resident Nightingales and what a show they put on too!.The first bird i came across was singing it's head off,but was very skulking and only brief views of a bird shape were all i saw,so i decided to walk a little way further and found a second male.This particular bird was a proper poser singing right out in the open on an exposed branch,stunning!.He went through his full reportoire of song and when i got too close started to give that grating 'Kerrr,Kerrr' alarm call,but still showed excellently,what a cracking bird,with his reddish brown rump and tail.The sound at times was so intense from this songster that you could actually feel it ringing in your ears,great stuff.This seems to be the only site in Lincolnshire were this beautiful bird is hanging on and long may it do so!.

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