Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MSQ re-visited 15.5.11.

Robber Fly-Dioctria atricapilla.

Male Brown Argus.

Long-jawed orb-web Spider,Tetragnatha extensa with  caught Azure Damselfly.
A visit to this gem of a reserve again today after a disastrous Webs count,saw me seeing some nice sightings despite the early finish due to the blustery,showery weather.The best bird sighting went to my first Spotted Flycatcher of the year,with 2 together in the plantation.1 of the birds showed very well as it sallied for insects,a joy to watch and a real shame this species has declined so dramatically,hopefully they will nest successfully again this year.Other bird sightings comprised of at least 4 Common Buzzard,a distant Hobby and 32 Swift and an earlier visit to the sheep fields provided me with my first sighting for the year of some cute Lapwing chicks.Insect sightings were provided today by Wasp Beetle,Birch Shieldbug, and Brown Argus.Not a bad visit despite the mixed weather conditions.

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