Monday, September 19, 2011

What a Dump,but gorgeous bird.......

The worst photo of a Sabines Gull you will ever see!.

What a lovely place!Leadenham Tip.
At last!i have finally caught up with a Sabine's Gull in Lincolnshire,with me today travelling to not the most inspiring of places to see this lovely species,Leadenham Tip.As i arrived at the site,the bird was watched feeding on flies which it was delicately picking from the surface of the furthest right hand pool and after only watching it for ten minutes,it took off and flew past me about 20 feet away heading off to the south east over the fields,before returning again about 30 minutes later.It was a little worrying to see an oceanic species swimming around a grotty hole of a place,with staining from the water on it's breast,lets hope it survives and makes it way back to the Atlantic Ocean!.Other bird sightings comprised of 2 Hobby and at least 5 Common Buzzard and on the insect front a roadside Clouded Yellow,my first for several years.An enjoyable few hours in the sun.

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