Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Misty start....But then glorious day.

A misty Saxby Top.

Male Common Darter.

Male Ruddy Darter.

Hoverfly sp. Myathropa florea.
With the forecast looking good Dave and myself headed out,but there was one problem,it was thick fog in my part of the world.So we made the decision to go onto the nearby Wolds at Saxby Top and wait for the fog to clear and hopefully get some nice landscapes.After what seemed an eternity,it began to slowly clear and i took several shots and after some persuasion we decided to go over to Alkborough,with the promise of breakfast.A quick stop at the superb Paddock's cafe and a lovely Bacon and Egg sarnie demolished and refreshing cup of tea it was time to get some birding done.We walked the majority of the reserve today and avian highlights were provided by a 3 Green Sandpiper,14 Ruff,10 Little Egret,2 Ruddy Shelduck,a lovely juvenile Hobby watched hawking dragonflies over the hillside and best of all a cracking juv.Peregrine which put on a fine performance as it perched on a dead tree,allowing us superb views through the scope and then proceeded to hunt the reserve,ditching a poor unsuspecting Lapwing and several Teal into one of the creeks as they attempted to evade this aerial predator,fantastic to watch!.Insects also featured heavily today,with large numbers of Dragonflies,mainly consisting of  Common Darter,but smaller numbers of Ruddy Darter,Southern,Brown and Migrant Hawkers were also seen.Butterflies also put on a decent showing with species seen including Peacock,Small Tort,Comma,Red Admiral,Common Blue,Brown Argus,Large and Green-veined White.Also from the Lepidopteran world were a few Silver Y. moths,what a poor showing they have had this year.We also managed to record several Hoverfly species,which included superb views and photographic oppertunities of the stunning Myathropa florea.So another enjoyable day was had at this excellent site,with some lovely weather to boot.

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