Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gavia immer......

After dropping Trace off at work this morning,i decided to pay the juvenile Great-northern Diver a visit at Ashbyville lake adjacent to Morrisons on the outskirts of Scunny.A bright sunny morning gave perfect light conditions for photography and after a bit of searching the diver showed itself.Over the next 5 hours it gave amazing views at varying ranges,but at one point was observed as close as 30 feet away!!.When observed at close range,one of the ways to see when it was going to surface was by watching the swirls of current under the water and small fry jumping from the surface,amazing.I just hope this cracking bird doesn't swallow one of the many fishermans lures or dead baits,it would be a very sad end to a stunning birds life.It was a great privilege to enjoy the morning with this beautifully stunning bird along with some nice and not so nice company.