Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gib Point Buteo etc.......

Juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard,with Carrion Crow.

Juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard.

Migrating Pink-footed Geese.

Common Whelk egg cases.

Slipper Limpet.

Undulate Ray egg cases.
With the prospect of a full day out today with Chris we decided to try Gib Point for a change and hoped to take in the reported juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard as well as what other avian wonders were on offer.As we travelled down to Gib. we had 3 lovely Barn Owls,1 just outside Louth and 2 near to Burgh-Le-Marsh,these birds no doubt enjoying the milder conditions lately.On arrival at Gib. we got the gear together and firstly decided to head for Mill Hill and look for the Buzzard first,Seeing two flocks of North west bound Pink-footed Geese.Visibility was slightly hampered by misty conditions and we began to look for the Buzzard,with Chris seeing and hearing a very brief Waxwing as it headed along the dunes,which i missed.After looking for a while from this viewpoint we then decided to go and have a look at Shovelers Pool for the previous days Cetti's Warbler,when Chris spotted the Rough-leg sat on a hawthorn bush slightly north of the mere.We watched it from this viewpoint for about ten minutes and got some distant views of the bird,before deciding to walk around to were it was perched for a closer look.As we walked down the path towards the mere we heard corvid mobbing calls and sure enough the Rough-leg appeared overhead and flew towards us.We quickly put the cameras into action and tried to get as many shots of it as it flew by being mobbed by 2 Carrion Crows,what a stonking bird!.We then lost it to view and that was the last we saw it.We then decided to try and cover the beach walking down to Millennium ridge seeing nothing out of the ordinary,but a nice mix of waders and wildfowl were seen on the incoming tide.It was then that the fog rolled in and pretty much ended observations for the day.This was an excuse to visit the visitor centre cafe and we enjoyed a very welcome cup of tea and a very nice sausage and onion Pannini,thanks Chris.We had brief looks on Jackson's Marsh and Tennyson's Sands,but the visibility was poor and we decided to call it a day.On the way home another Barn Owl was seen,another great day despite the early end to proceedings.


  1. Sounds like a great day and great photos to match!