Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Big Dip.....Sunday 19th May 2013.

After hearing late on Saturday night that a cracking male Collared Flycatcher had been found at Sammy's Point at Easington,i made the daft and hope full decision to go and try and see it.After an uncomfortable nights sleep in the car,i was up at first light with the local lads looking for this stunning bird.Unfortunately it soon became apparent that it had done a midnight flit...buggar!.Some nice recompense was had while looking for the Flycatcher,a fine adult female Red-backed Shrike which showed brilliantly down to about 20 feet.She was a pretty old female with a grey crown and nape,nice rusty mantle  and partial mask...which later confused some visitors into thinking the bird was a male.As more people arrived with minimal field craft,the bird soon became wary and stayed its distance.Also seen while searching the area was a smart female Ring Ouzel,which i flushed from a ditch and it was seen on a couple more occasions later on.Other birds in the area included at least 20 Whimbrel,a couple of Wheatear and a hunting Barn Owl and on the mammal front a lovely Fox.After meeting up with Simon,Karen and John we spent the rest of the morning up to early afternoon wandering about the area trying to turn up something else,but sadly nothing else on the rarity front materialised.We did manage some really nice views of Spotted Flycatcher and Cuckoo,with a Cuckoo seen eating a Drinker Moth caterpillar.Other wildlife sightings observed through the day included 3 Roe Deer,a Weasel and a few butterflies in the form of Speckled Wood and Green-veined White.A good day despite the early disappointment.
Adult female Red-backed Shrike,Sammy's Point,Easington.

Adult female Red-backed Shrike,Sammy's Point,Easington.

Female Roe Deer in the 'Triangle',Kilnsea.


  1. I'm impressed that you slept overnight in your car just to see that bird.Although you missed it, you certainly saw a lot of other interesting creatures:) Nice photos of the red backed bird and the deer.