Saturday, August 22, 2009

Worlaby Carrs,'The Patch'.

A visit to the local patch for 4 hours late morning to early afternoon, produced fairly good numbers of the hoped for raptors.The best of the bunch being 4 juv.Hobby,with 2 birds between the Carrs and Wrawby Moor and 2 birds over the Poplar Plantation,the nearer 2 showing very well and where watched chasing each other,putting on a cracking display of aerobatics.Good numbers of Common Buzzard where on the wing also today,with at least 12 being seen,which included a flock of 6 birds,which had a stonking pale juvenile in it.At one point between the railway crossing and the river,i watched a juvenile Marsh Harrier and Common Buzzard actually hunting in a field which was just being harvested,no doubt finding plenty of small mammals and insects to prey on and made for an interesting piece of behaviour to watch.In all, a total of 4 Marsh Harriers where seen and these comprised of 3 juv's and an adult female.Other bird sightings included a flock of 110 Goldfinch,a single Kingfisher along the soak drain,a handfull of Tree Sparrows and at least 7 Kestrel.Non bird sightings today included 11 species of Butterfly and 4 species of Dragonfly,the most notable of these being 3 Brown Argus and a single Brown Hawker.All in all a very enjoyable few hours in the lovely summer sunshine.

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