Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patch Goodies..

After yesterdays visit to the coast,little did i expect to see one of the same migrant species on my local patch,but i did!.While walking along the road down towards the railway crossing,i was passing a small clump of Elder bushes when i heard a distinctive tacking call and to my amazement a Ring Ouzel shot out from the bottom of the bushes and down the road, dropping into an area of Hawthorns,so i quickly followed and managed to find the Ouzel gorging on Hawthorn berries, giving great views through the scope.It then flew again when i approached too close and joined a mixed flock of thrushes feeding in a nearby hedgerow.This is my first record of this species for the Carrs and a most welcome one too!!.The next goodie was a personal favourite,a superb juv. Hen Harrier watched hunting the rough fields between the carrs and Bonby,giving good,but distant views,hopefully it will stay and winter,as birds have in the last 2 winters now.Other notable bird sightings where 160 Goldfinch,9 Common Buzzard,22 Yellowhammer,male Bullfinch and 5 Redwing.Other sightings of the non-bird kind included 3 Roe Deer,1 Small Copper,1 Red Admiral,Common Darter and Migrant Hawker.A great few hours on the patch and a most worthwhile visit today.

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