Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barton re-visited.

After seeing the forecast last night i decided to not venture too far from home today and plump for another look at Barton and have more views hopefully of the confiding Red-necked Phal.
 I arrived in the old visitor centre car park just as it was trying to get light,i say try because it was fairly foggy too!.I made my way over to Ness hide and began to look over the lake seeing several Shoveler and Gadwall and then the regular juv. Marsh Harrier put in an appearance as it hunted over the lake and reedbeds,showing pretty well considering the crap light conditions.I then noticed out the corner of my eye some movement and a Bittern flew quite close from left to right,giving pretty good flight views,before disappearing towards the Hotel pit.About five minutes later it or another flew back in the same direction,but it looked like it flew beyond the Target lake,but i couldn't be sure as the visibility had deteriorated somewhat as it briefly drizzled.After hearing a brief burst of Cetti's song as i made my way around to Chowder ness,i eventually got up onto the humber bank and made my way along to the area the Phalorope had been feeding in last time i had visited meeting up with Nige.We managed to get brilliant views of the bird again as it fed around the margins of it's chosen temporary home and we also enjoyed excellent flight views and even heard it call as it flew past us,a super little bird.After enjoying the phal,i went back to Ness hide and managed another Cetti's,this time to the left of Ness hide and was calling,with that stuttering call female's give,so 2 in a day,great stuff!!The only other birds of note where a single Treecreeper,6 Bar-tailed Godwit and 2 Black-tailed Godwit.Not a bad few hours despite the weather being poor again.

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