Sunday, December 06, 2009

Barton Sawbills...

A visit this aft to Barton,mainly to see if the Drake Smew had arrived yet and to look for any Bittern action,resulted in me getting good views of the returning 'White Nun'.He was watched on the Hotel Pit adjacent to the Far-Ings nature reserve with 2 male Goldeneye for company,spending much of his time preening and getting his pristine plumage in good order ready for any passing female Goldeneye to display to as has happened in previous winters.This for me, is the most attractive species of duck to visit these shores and they are very smart indeed with their white,black and grey plumage.After watching the Smew i made my way around to Ness hide where very little was seen apart from a couple of brief views of a Water Rail and then just before i was going to leave,a couple of Redhead Goosander flew west over Ness lake,an unexpected bonus!,so 3 species of sawbill,pretty good stuff.A decent few hours.


  1. Wow, you saw an amazing amount of wildlife, it sounds like a good life for a birder.

  2. Hi Bob,yes it isn't a bad area i live in,there always seems to be something of interest to see,it's great!