Monday, January 04, 2010

The Big Freeze Continue's!

A few hours spare this morning before going back to crappy work tonight,saw me heading for Barton in the near arctic conditions,and after a slippery journey up the A15 i eventually got to Far-Ings.The birds seen today comprised of the same species as were recorded on New Year's day,but today the star's were the stunning drake Smew and a male Bearded Tit.The Smew was watched on the Target lake at close range with a mixed flock of wildfowl which had been forced into a relatively small area of ice free water and he performed admirably spending most of his time fishing right under the roadside bank near the fishing platforms,what a stunning duck the male of this species of sawbill is,he then decided enough was enough and promptly followed a male Goldeneye onto the humber.The next star species was the continued appearance of the Bearded Tits in Barton Reedbed,today only a male and female were observed,but again the male put on a fantastic performance feeding right in the open on the edge of the new path on several reed heads,this for me,as i have no doubt mentioned before,has to be one of our most stunning birds!.Also here was the ultra tame Robin with another being observed near to Target lake which is also very tame.Other birds observed included at least 3 Bittern,2 on Ness lake and 1 at Barton Reedbed and a pair of Peregrines watched perched on the south tower of the Humber bridge.The only non-bird sighting of note was a Weasel watched hunting in front of Ness hide,giving superb views.A brilliant morning in perfect light conditions.

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