Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Webs count,Goxhill Haven-Barrow Haven.

After agreeing to start doing a section of the humber as part of the high tide webs counts nationwide,i was given a part of my old local patch between Goxhill Haven and New Holland bulk terminal and a further short section between New Holland and Barrow Haven.The first section was pretty productive and a few goodies where recorded which included a single Dark-bellied Brent Goose,which flew east,a single female Smew on the humber with the large flock of 186 Goldeneye,the largest flock in Linc's,a pair of Goosander and finally a small flock of 3 Twite.The Twite gave brilliant views down to 40 feet and offered a great chance to watch this lovely species at close range through the scope,one spent most of the time i watched them singing his little head off,a little poser!.Other notable numbers along here were 93 Wigeon,201 Mallard and 8 Knot.Also seen was a cracking 'White headed' male 'Sinensis' Cormorant watched drying out his wings on a derelict boat wreck.Walking along this section brought back great memories of the old patch and iam going to enjoy recording here again.
 The second section between New Holland and Barrow Haven didn't produce any surprises,but a few good counts included 108 Turnstone,2 Black-tailed Godwit,6 Knot and 77 Redshank,with an electric blue flash revealing a lovely Kingfisher fishing in an adjacent drainage dyke,my first of the year and nice to see that at least one has survived all the snow earlier in the month.So it looks like i have aquired quite a productive section and hopefully it will lead to more good finds and surprises!.

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