Thursday, February 11, 2010

Patch Owl's etc...

A visit to the patch this aftie while her indoors was at work,got me some good birds to keep me entertained,the best of which was my first personal record of Little Owl.This little cracker was watched as it perched in the big hedgerow which runs north/south along the side of the Soak drain.They really are an uncommon bird in these parts,so it was a welcome addition to the patch list.Also seen today representing this smashing family of birds,was a single Short-eared Owl watched hunting the same area as its Little cousin and gave superb views in the afternoon sun and just 1 Barn Owl hunting along the edge of the wet pasture near the railway.It looks like the constant cold weather has sadly taken its toll on the latter species,with one being found dead recently.On a more brighter note,further goodies seen where at least 18 Common Buzzard,with several birds starting to do some half-hearted displaying,the female Hen Harrier,which showed brilliantly again and looked like it went to roost,a single juv/1st winter type Marsh Harrier and a single Merlin.The Merlin was watched mobbing a Common Buzzard,which was in turn chasing the Short-eared Owl,a great spectacle!.Numbers of commoner birds included 27 Curlew,22 Corn Bunting,19 Redshank and 3 Dunlin.Mammal sightings included 4 Roe Deer(2 Buck and 2 Doe) and a single Fox.An excellent few hours on the patch.


  1. You have had some good birding trips lately....

  2. Yeah been pretty busy,i always enjoy the winter period for birding especially on my local patch.