Friday, March 19, 2010

Pale Common Buzz......

A wander around the local patch at Worlaby this afternoon revealed the stunning pale morph Common Buzzard was still present and he was watched displaying over a small copse down by the river Ancholme,giving fantastic views down to 50 metres range,this bird is something special and has to be seen to be appreciated!.This form is not very common in the UK at all and tends to be more frequently encountered in Scandinavia.After watching this beautiful Buteo,i then enjoyed more views of the 5 Whooper Swans,only a stone's throw away from the where the Buzzard had been performing.They where still residing in the same field with the resident Mute Swan herd and it was great to hear them calling today and also watched in flight when a moron on a trials bike flushed them,they then flew into the wet pasture out of the way and i watched them as they all bathed and preened giving lovely views!.Not too far away along the soak drain and car park area,the 2 Short-eared Owls where watched hunting for voles,also giving great views and i thought to myself that it would be great if a pair stopped to breed,now that would be special!.Other notable sightings included a pair of Marsh Harrier(3rd cal yr. male and ad. female),1 Barn Owl,42 Corn Bunting and 8 more Common Buzzard.An enjoyable few hours around the patch in the milder conditions.


  1. Hi Steve... I think I almost met you there this afternoon. I was the guy who drove down and then straight back up again in the bright yellow van! I'm thinking you were the person walking up with the scope? Anyway I'd just arrived from Leeds and got a call from my wife who was ill and had to go straight back home again!! But, during the brief visit I managed to see the Corn Buntings and some Yellow Hammers. On the drive back up the track we got a fantastic view of a female Sparrowhawk that cruised in front of the car and landed on a post before low flying across the field. Was hoping to see and photograph some owls but the visit was all too brief. Hope to get across there again soon. cheers

  2. Yeah,remember seeing the van,shame you couldn't stop as the SEO'S showed brilliantly and the Whooper's where nice again,might bump into you again sometime!.