Saturday, April 24, 2010


Another visit to this great reserve from dawn up to 3pm paid dividends with the early start as i arrived with M&M to watch an Otter near to the tern raft on Grebe lake showing brilliantly it was then joined by a second and we watched as they fished and played together,superb stuff!!.I am now pretty certain after todays views,that this a female and well grown cub,as 1 animal is bigger than the other and when you watch them the individual i think is the cub watches while its parent dives to catch something,as if the adult is teaching the cub to fish.There is also some size differance in the 2 animals and the above idea would also tie-in with the species usually solitary behaviour.
 Bird wise today,the main highlights where 2 male Cuckoo,2 Barn Owl,1 Common Tern(My first of the year)and the resident Marsh Harriers.
 The numbers of insect's are also growing slowly with today's highlights being my first Large-red Damselfly's of the year,male Orange Tip and 2 species of moth,Ruby Tiger and Powdered Quaker.We also managed a new species of Fungi today,the impressive looking Sarcosypha austriaca(Scarlet-elf Cup).
 Another cracking day out on this brilliant reserve!.