Saturday, April 17, 2010

Webs Count and MSQ.

An early morning start today to complete my webs count for April saw few highlights being seen,the best of which was a adult male Marsh Harrier west at Barrow Haven,with my first Reed Warbler of the year nearby at Fairfield Pit and between Goxhill and New Holland the best bird was a single Barn Owl with me also getting some lovely views of a Sedge Warbler,my favourite Warbler species!.
 After this i decided to go to Messingham as the weather was gorgeous today and things were slightly better.The best bird was my first Cuckoo of the year and i also enjoyed brilliant views of the now resident Marsh Harriers and Avocets.
 Insect sightings here today included several Bee-Fly's,a recent coloniser to the reserve and my first Green-veined White's of the year,with 4 being seen.
 The only other highlight was a single Common Lizard.
Some lovely weather today,a great spring day.


  1. Lots of bee fly's around chambers too mate....and one in the garden yesterday. Cant recall seeing them before.


  2. Hi Matt,they are very common at Chamber's,probably one of the commonest species at this time of year,but they are only recent colonists in the last few years at Messingham.