Sunday, May 30, 2010

Warbler Double Tick......

A trip out today to the home county resulted in Chris and myself landing a couple of lifers in the form of Savi's Warbler and Iberian Chiffchaff.The Savi's was present at Old Moor RSPB reserve near to Barnsley and was dissapointingly only seen very briefly,but the main thing for me was to hear it singing,a very distinct lower pitched song compared to the higher pitched song of Grasshopper Warbler.The bird was inhabiting a reed filled ditch and was sadly difficult to observe.After this good start we travelled the relatively short distance to Potteric,to pay our visit to the Iberian Chiffchaff which we heard before we saw it.At first the bird showed distantly feeding in a Hawthorn hedge and some Oak trees,but eventually came close,being seen down to about 50 feet,singing its little head off,the song being very different to our native Chiffie,the bird was in heavy moult,but looked if anything,more Willow Warbler like with the distinct paler lower mandible to the bill and paler looking legs.After enjoying superb views of this bird we started to explore the rest of this superb reserve,seeing several Orange Tip,six species of Dragonfly(Which included 11 Broad-bodied Chaser),Wasp Beetle and several Forest Bug nymphs,with some nice plants also seen which included Herb Robert and Herb Bennet,two nice woodland plants.A fantastic day out!!.

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