Sunday, June 27, 2010

North Yorkshire....

A day out in North Yorkshire today with Chris to visit the superb Fen Bog,had us enjoying an excellent and productive 6 hours on site,with several highlights being observed.Birdwise,the highlight was a 1st summer Hobby,which was watched harrassing a Kestrel and gave great views perching on a cliff face on a few occasions,also in this area were breeding Curlew,Snipe and Whinchat,the male Whinchats being particularly stunning!.Dragons had been the main reason to visit and we managed 4 species,Golden-ringed,Four-spot Chaser,Keeled Skimmer and Large-red Damselfly,the Golden-ringed Dragonfly's put on an excellent showing!.Butterflies where also well represented,with 3 special species,Dingy Skipper,Small pearl-bordered Fritillary and Large Heath and they all showed well,the Large Heath's being of the northern race 'Polydama'.Other butterflies observed included Small Heath,Common-blue,Small Tortoiseshell and Large White.A few day flying moth species where observed today also and included the lovely Chimney-sweeper Moth,Beautiful-yellow Underwing and Small Argent and Sable.Bog plants where represented by some nice species which included,Bog Asphodel,Round-leaved Sundew,Common Butterwort and the lovely smelling Bog Myrtle.The only mammal sighting,although a significant one,was the finding of Otter spraint on a rock in the middle of the wooded stream on the site,i would have loved an encounter with the animals!.So all in all a very good day in some gorgeous weather and with some good company.

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