Friday, August 27, 2010


 After looking at the weather forecast and seeing a few reports on the net of seabirds on the move,we decided to go to Flamborough and have a look on the sea.After putting in 3 hours,their wasn't the expected displacement of birds,but we still managed to add Manx Shearwater,Arctic and Great Skua to the year list and enjoyed superb views of all the commoner species,which included lovely close views of Gannet's,Fulmar and Kittiwake's.Fulmar's are in my top five birds,really stunning as they just effortlessly glide around on the wind,brilliant stuff!.Also seen while watching the sea was a close fly by of an adult Perg,which are always great to see.After looking on the sea,we decided to walk down the Old Fall hedge to Old Fall plantation to see if any migrants had dropped in over night.On the way to the plantation we didn't come across any migrant passerines,but did have a flyover Greenshank.After a chance meeting with one of the local birders he told us that he had just had 1,probably 2 Icterine Warbler's and it wasn't long before we heard one alarm calling,with it's subtle 'Teck' contact call,but seeing it was a different matter,with us only getting brief views as it flew over us and fed in the canopy of a Sycamore.It was nice to hear it call,as i had only ever heard singing birds on spring migration,so was a good piece of experience for the future.Other migrants in this area were at least 10 Willow Warbler,2 Garden Warbler and a single Pied Flycatcher and we enjoyed fantastic views of a family party of Stonechat in the Bay Brambles area.Non bird sightings today comprised of 2 Common Porpoise and a  single Grey Seal on the sea and a couple of Migrant Hawker and Common Darter's around the Old Fall plantation.A nice day out again in the home county.

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