Sunday, August 15, 2010

Suffolk Orthoptera....

Female Long-winged Conehead
Female Roesel's-bush Cricket
Male Roesel's-bush Cricket
A visit to Suffolk today to see Willow-emerald Damselfly,had us also seeing some interesting insects apart from the afore-mentioned Damsel's.The best of which was my second sighting of Long-winged Conehead,a lovely species of Cricket!.This species,as many of it's family,are slowly spreading north through the country,it is similar to it's close relative Short-winged Conehead,but this species has a longer,straighter Ovipositer and has black spines on the underside of the hind femora,as well as the males up-turned cerci.Another species observed today,was the very smart Roesel's-bush Cricket and was observed in good numbers in this grazing marsh habitat allowing some great photographic oppertunities.Also observed from the Orthoptera family were Meadow and Field Grasshoppers and Slender Groundhopper.A few notable birds where seen today at this site and included Greenshank,Green Sandpiper,Kingfisher and two flyover Honey Buzzards,which i missed while photographing the damsel's!.A great day out,despite the long drive.


  1. Stunning images Steve,your last two look amazing.

  2. They are amazing images, well done.

  3. Thanks chaps,cracking insects!.

  4. Great pictures Steve. Just starting to get interested in insects myself but it's a steep learning curve. Look forward to your next post.

  5. Thanks Phil,much appreciated:)