Monday, September 06, 2010

Brown Flycatcher....

After a timely look on the net late yesterday afternoon and a very hectic journey with Dave,we made it to Bempton RSPB and ran/walked the half a mile to the birds chosen feeding area.It had been found feeding in a small gorse filled gully only a few hundred metres from the sea and was watched flycatching from the cover of the gorse bushes and was frustratingly difficult to see at times,but we managed to see it perched on a couple of occasions albeit briefly.Amazingly the bird was still flycatching when we left at 8.30 and was watched catching moth's.This constitutes the 4th record for Britain and Ireland of this asian mega and only 5 miles from the last Yorkshire record at Flamborough in October 2007.A fitting end to what has been a very memorable weekend's birding with me seeing Eastern-olivaceous Warbler,Brown Flycatcher,4 Barred Warbler's,juv. Common Rosefinch and some lovely views of common migrants to boot,truly amazing stuff and one i will remember for a long time!.

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