Monday, April 02, 2012

The Lincolnshire Lime Woods.......

Big Sky.

Common Dog-Violet

Grass Snake.

Grass Snake.

Wood Anemone.
Another full day to myself again today,so i headed in the direction of the superb Bardney Limewoods at Chambers Wood Farm and thankfully today's weather was in complete contrast to yesterday.I had planned to come for a few weeks now in the hope of getting some Grass Snake images with the new SLR and today i was not to be disappointed.I started off walking around the outer perimeter of the woods,seeing a pair of Common Buzzard,1 with prey,several Chiffchaff and a singing male Blackcap which gave nice views,but i didn't see my first butterfly or Grass Snake until lunch time.It was by pure chance i decided to walk down towards the Brick pit pond for the second time,when i managed to find a single juvenile Grass Snake and allowed a very close approach and i thankfully managed to get some great images,at last i had accomplished what i had wanted to do after seeing my first several years ago.These are stunning reptiles and i managed to find a further 3 later in the day which were less so confiding,but i didn't care now!.The other common reptile here is Common Lizard and i recorded a very impressive 25 animals on my walk round,but saw no Common Toads or Common Frogs,which was unusual for this site.Mammals were represented by only 1 Muntjac today,7 Brown Hare and an unwanted profusion of Grey Squirrels,with about 30 being seen.It would be fantastic if we could get our native Red's back,now that would be special.As i mentioned before,butterflies were quite late getting onto the wing,but i still managed to record 4 species,with Peacock being the most abundant and i recorded my first Small White's of the year as well.I also managed to find 2 Orange Underwing,but still managed to get zero photo's,they are lightning fast and must be able to see the mirror inside the camera,as every image was a blur of wings!.It was also great to visit a site with so many wildflowers,with masses of Dog Violet,Wood Anemone,Lesser Celandine and Primroses,there were also a few Bluebells coming into bud.So all in all a fantastic day was had in this special corner of Lincolnshire.

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