Friday, September 17, 2010

MSQ And the Patch......

Gorse-shield Bug

Fly Agaric.

Pebble Prominent larvae.
A day to myself today as Trace was working,so i started at Messingham were the best highlights were an Osprey,which was watched flying low overhead towards the sand works,carrying a sizeable fish in it's talons.This species is always great to see and was the first one i have seen this year.Other bird highlights were a couple of Siskin,my first of the autumn period,8 Chiffchaff,3 Reed Warbler and a Green Woodpecker and the bizarre sight of a male Pheasant landing on and swimming about on the edge of the Grebe lake.I had read that this species was capable of swimming,but had never witnessed it before,amazing!.There was also lots of insects on the wing in the warm autumnal sunshine today,Butterflies seen,included 15 Comma,10 Speckled Wood,6 Red Admiral and a Small Copper and Dragonflies were represented by 3 species,Migrant Hawker,Southern Hawker and Common Darter.There were also lots of Shield-bugs around the reserve with Green,Birch,Bronze and Gorse being seen,but the best insect highlight went to a caterpillar,with me finding a cracking Pebble Prominent larvae,which was the first time i have observed this species larvae and it was found feeding on a lakeside Sallow.The only other notable sighting was a single Stoat.
 The second site i visited was my local patch at Worlaby were the best sighting was my first records of Pink-footed Geese of the autumn/winter period with a total of 69 birds moving south in flocks of 35,23 and 11,i love hearing there calls as they pass over,a sure sign of autumn and the colder months to come.Raptors were well represented as always,with 4 juvenile Hobby,19 Common Buzzard and 2 juvenile Marsh Harrier.Non bird highlights included several Common Darter,a couple of Speckled Wood and a single Wood Mouse.A great day out again locally!.


  1. Certainly sounds like a great day Steve. I like the Pebble Prominent caterpillar, never seen one before. I love Ospreys but i've only seen one so far this year which was one of the juveniles from Bassenthwaite in Cumbria. Still hoping to see one in Kent though.

  2. Hi Phil,it was a good day out locally,i was pleased with the caterpillar find,as i had only seen this moth species as an adult.As for the Osprey's i'm sure there is time yet for you to catch up with one.

  3. A very interesting looking caterpillar!