Monday, November 15, 2010

Rough-leg and White Nun....

Far-Ings NNR.
Seven-spot Ladybirds,Far-Ings NNR.
A few hours out this a.m.,while Trace was catching up on her sleep after last nights nightshift,had me heading for South Ferriby to see the lovely juv. Rough-legged Buzzard.On arrival,the bird was seen as soon as i got out of the car,perched on the metal perimeter fence around the grass compound it has been catching voles in.Today,it showed better and closer than Saturday and was a real pleasure to watch as it patiently watched from the afore-mentioned fence for any movements in the grass below,what a stunning bird!.It is amazing that it has chosen this far from suitable area to feed as areas further south along the Ancholme valley are far more suitable,but it must be alive with voles,as several Common Buzzard are also hunting the same area.Also in the area were 4 Marsh Harrier and a Merlin.After watching this confiding Buteo,i travelled the short distance to Far-Ings NNR at Barton and had a couple of hours around the reserve seeing several goodies which included 1 Bittern,seen in flight and perched in one of the reedbeds,showing pretty well,male Smew,which has again returned to his winter home and was watched on the Hotel Lake and nearby a couple of Bearded Tit pinged in the reeds and a female Cetti's Warbler called nearby.I also saw a couple of Kingfisher and a couple of Treecreeper,one of which could possibly be of the Scandi race,with a very white,broad supercilium!.An excellent 4 hours out this morning,in lovely weather.


  1. I love the look of your blog Steve

  2. Cheers mate,i have been messing about with the colours and settings etc. and iam finally happy now with the set up:))