Saturday, February 12, 2011

Showy S.e.O's......

Sunset on the patch at Worlaby.
A visit to the patch for 3 hours this afternoon,saw the Short-eared Owl's putting on a fantastic show in the lovely afternoon sunshine.A total of 8 birds were seen today and put on a great display sparring with each other and hunting,with frequent calling involved,it would be great if a pair stopped to breed!.The best bird of the afternoon was also seen in the same vicinity as the Shorties,a cracking juv. male Hen Harrier which came into roost in the pasture field.As it flew in,it was briefly chased and mobbed by two of the S.e.O's and it looked like it had not long ago eaten,with it's crop looking full and it confirmed this by flying in and not getting up again,settling to roost.Other sightings included 9 of the ubiquitous Common Buzzard and 117 Fieldfare and the first signs of spring with a singing male Skylark.An enjoyable few hours on the patch.

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