Thursday, February 03, 2011

Worlaby Carrs....

A visit to the patch after work this afternoon to see what was about resulted in few highlights to write home about.The best sightings went to the brilliant Asio's,with 5 being seen today hunting mainly to the right of the car park area.They didn't particularly show that closely today,but are always a privelage to see,lovely birds!.Other bird sightings included 5 of the ever present Common Buzzard's,watched soaring and hunting in the blustery conditions,10 Kestrel,30 Goldfinch and a gathering of 35 Magpies going to roost.Mammal sightings went to 3 lovely Roe Deer,watched on the fields to the north of Carr lane,always a joy to see.A nice couple of hours,despite the strong wind.

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