Monday, March 28, 2011

The Patch....

Misty sun on the patch.
Female Twin-spotted Quaker.
A few hours out this morning as Trace was at work,saw me revisiting yesterday evenings Great-grey on the patch at Worlaby.The bird was seen on arrival and was already being watched by Graham and a few others.It put on a fine performance,catching lot's of food which included several earthworms and Cranefly larvae and was seen at fairly close range,perched on the roadside fence near to the crossing,what a super bird and a long mooted species to occur here.While watching the star bird,i picked up a raptor flying in from the direction of Broughton bridge,gliding on flat wings and i knew what it was immediately,a cracking Red Kite.We watched as the bird flew the length of the wet pasture,giving nice views and heading for the wolds.This is the first time i have seen the species on the patch and was a welcome addition to my list and is my 11th species of raptor here!.The next goodie,was a nice male Wheatear watched feeding in a ploughed field next to the soak drain and gave lovely views as it caught several insects.This is my first of the year and my first recorded down here for 2 years and a welcome spring sight!.Non bird sightings included a Twin-spotted Quaker which i rescued from one of the ditches,a couple of Brown Hare and several 7-spot Ladybird.A cracking few hours on the patch again!.

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