Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pulfin Bog/High Eske NR.

A walk up to Pulfin with my sister,Kev and Trace this afternoon produced a few nice sightings,although nothing out of the ordinary.The best birds were a couple of Little Egret watched roosting up on one of the islands,no doubt getting some respite from the cold easterly breeze today,the first ones i have seen down here and brightened up the dull day.The only other really notable sighting was a couple of European White-fronted Geese which were residing with the local Greylag flock,1 individual was fairly tolerant of our approach,but the other soon made it's way out into the middle of the lake.Who know's were these two could have originated from,they could be wild birds or escapee's from a collection somewhere,but were nice to see all the same.Other sighting's included a single Kingfisher seen fleetingly on a couple of occasions,a singing Chiffchaff in a waterside willow,86 Wigeon,33 Mute Swan and 4 Goldeneye and on the walk back 12 Pied Wagtail on a freshly ploughed field and 10 Fieldfare.An enjoyable few hours,despite that biting wind!.

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