Saturday, March 12, 2011

Woodland Wonder's.....

Hide and seek!,male Adder,North Linc's.
Male Adder,North Linc's.
A trip out today to one of the local woodlands resulted in a great 4 hours while Trace was working.The main reason i had ventured out today,was to look for those zig-zag patterned reptiles which are now emerging from their winter homes and i managed to find 6 individuals today and got some excellent views of these stunning animals as they basked in the warm,hazy spring sunshine.I also managed to get some fairly good images of them as well,which is always a bonus.While watching the Adder's,several good birds where seen and included a singing male Woodlark,with it's beautiful song washing over the woodland,2 Common Crossbill,30 Siskin and 5 Common Buzzard.There was also quite a bit of insect activity today,which included my first Buff-tailed bumble-Bee,Seven-spot Ladybird and Pine Ladybird's today.Spring is certainly here now!.


  1. Nice shots of a beautiful creature – Tim

  2. Thanks Tim,much appreciated,there are some better images on my flickr photostream if you have time to look.