Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fish Eagle and Big bird again.....

After hearing that the 2nd calendar year Osprey which has been spending some time along the river Ancholme between Worlaby and Saxby bridge had still been present on Thursday,i decided that i would take a look.After parking at Bonby Carrs,i walked down to the river and after ten minutes i was onto the Osprey as it flew out of a riverside tree and proceeded to fish,with the first effort drawing a blank,it tried again and this time was successful.You forget what an amazing sight it is to see a large bird like this totally submerge itself and then have the power and energy to get out of the water and then fly with a caught fish,usually under attack from Corvids,an amazing piece of behaviour!.On this occasion it caught a large Roach and flew across the river into Appleby Carrs and sat atop an Electricity pylon from which it enjoyed it's fishy meal,what a superb bird!.I then walked further along the river up to Saxby bridge and it was great to see that the summering Common Crane was still present in it's favourite field and i watched it as it walked about feeding,sometimes being lost in the long grass,with only the white on it's head being visible.It's amazing how such a big bird can be inconspicuous when feeding in rank vegetation.Other sightings of note included 2 Common Buzzard,2 Marsh Harrier and a lovely hunting Barn Owl.The owl being particularly nice after a dearth of sightings this year.A very enjoyable few hours.

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