Monday, June 27, 2011

Fen Bog,North Yorkshire,26.06.11.

An introdution to the reserve.

Beautiful-yellow Underwing.

One of the many fantastic views.

Round-leaved Sundew.

Soldier Lichen.
A trip up to this fantastic reserve with Colin today certainly lived up to expectations,with us seeing some great sightings.Apart from the superb scenery and sweltering temperatures,we managed to see all our target species and some!.Several good bird sightings were had,which included Breeding Whinchat's and Curlew,18 Crossbill over,20 Siskin,1st summer Hobby over and Grey Wagtail,but the biggest and best surprise of the trip was a cracking male Nightjar,which i flushed at very close range,almost treading on it,while walking through a bracken covered hillside!.We got superb views of this nocturnal beauty as it glided into an area of Willow scrub,an unexpected bonus!.We really had come to see Dragon's,but apart from those aerial predators we were also treated some good moth's and butterflies as well.The best of which included Dark-green and Small pearl-bordered Fritillaries,Large Heath of the northern race 'Polydama' and Beautiful-yellow Underwing's.Other insects included Green-tiger Beetle and several Bog-bush Cricket nymphs.A couple of Adder's were also seen today and some Otter spraints were found on the small stream down from the car park.The world of flower's also provided some nice sightings with Heath-spotted Orchid,Bell Heather,Bog Asphodel and masses of Round-leaved Sundew.So all in all a superb visit again to this great reserve and part of the world.

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