Sunday, July 24, 2011

Barton and Alk......

Juvenile Kittiwake.
A change of scenery today included a visit to the Far-Ings area at Barton and a few hours at Alkborough Flats.Highlights at Barton consisted of very little in the way of surprises,but i enjoyed some lovely views of the resident Marsh Harrier's,with 1 particular juvenile showing brilliantly!.Also around the pits were a female Tuftie with a young brood of 6 ducklings and 6 Red Admiral were seen zooming about the flowers.After enjoying my walk here i made my way to Alkborough after visiting the visitor centre shop and parting with a very well spent 25 quid for the Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Lewington and Thomas,a book i have been after for a while!.At Alkborough the highlight was an unfortunate one,as i found a Juvenile Kittiwake sat in the grass infront of the main hide,with the bird in a very distressed state,it later,sadly died,what a shame!.This little beauty,no doubt came from the relatively near breeding colonies at Bempton and Flamborough.Other birds here were at least 4 Greenshank,13 Dunlin and a single adult Little Stint,the Stint had me going for a while as it looked more interesting than it obviously was until the heat haze subsided,my first of the year!.Other sightings of note included a single Brown Hare and several more Red Admirals.A good few hours in the nice weather!.

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