Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bonby again!.....

Puss Moth larvae.

Puss Moth larvae.
An early morning start at the Carrs this morning as the sun came up,saw me getting some great sightings over the next couple of hours.On the way from Barnetby,i saw a single Barn Owl flying along the main street in Worlaby before i arrived at Bonby and was greeted to the superb sound of a calling Crane as i got out of the car.It was so still,and this fantastic call was echoing all around and then the Crane flew past heading towards Worlaby Carrs,a patch tick!.It later flew back to it's favourite field at Bonby adjacent to were the female Osprey was sat in her favourite tree!.She did a brief spell of flying about before again returning to the tree and stayed there until i left.Apart from the birds,i had come to try and find yesterdays Puss Moth larvae,which Colin had found and luckily i found 1,what a stunning caterpillar they are in the flesh,with the lovely lime,grey and white colouration,the amazing clown-like facial markings and double tail.When i found the Sallow Kitten larvae i wasn't sure about the identification fully until i arrived home and was gutted to see Col's photo,so had to pop back this morning for a second look.I have always wanted to find a Puss Moth caterpillar after seeing them in a book as fledgling naturalist 35 plus years ago! and now i have,bloody brilliant!.A great few hours in the complete solitude of the Carrs all on my tod,with some brilliant birds and insects!.

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