Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Carrs.......

The second day of my week off,saw me visiting my local area and enjoying a superb 6 and a half hours around the patch.The highlights were of course the 2 summering beauties,the female Osprey and the sub-ad Common Crane.Today the Osprey was first watched briefly,flying north along the Ancholme,with a few half hearted attempts at fishing,then later showed brilliantly,watched mobbing a couple of Grey Herons,continuously dive bombing them before eventually flying to roost,a great piece of behaviour to watch!.The Crane today,was watched feeding in a newly harvested stubble field and gave superb views in the lovely evening light as it caught several insects,a beautiful bird and a real privilege to have one summering locally.It is now beginning to acquire more adult plumage features including the bushy tertials and black on the head and neck and also a hint of the red crown patch coming through.Other highlights included a juv. female Peregrine which almost caught a Lapwing,putting on a fine performance,twisting and turning all over the place,but the Lapwing eventually escaped by crashing into a ditch! and 5 Hobby,with at least 2 being juv's,which were watched chasing each other,so all this action combined with 15 Common Buzzard,60 Linnet and 10 Kestrel made for a superb afternoon.Non bird highlights included a single male Roe Deer at Saxby and more Scaeva pyrastri watched nectaring on the riverside flowers.A very enjoyable visit to this cracking local area.

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