Friday, August 12, 2011

Wet and windy Horseshoe,10.08.11.

A visit to this site today,to hopefully see the Tern roost,ended in a disappointing end to the day due to the crap weather we are experiencing at the moment,sorry all summer!.But all was not lost as i managed a few goodies,the best of which was the great sight of 3 Peregrines sat together out on the beach.The trio consisted of an adult male and his 2 fledged chicks,a male and a huge female.The adult bird had brought some prey in for the fledglings and the young male was proceeding to pluck it as his sister looked on.These could be the birds seen by the 'Grimsby' lads during a recent meet at Cleethorpes.A nice sight also experienced today,was a fairly large flock of Golden Plover which consisted of at least 1773 birds, watched feeding in a nearby stubble field and it was great to study the birds at close range as they fed,a chance that doesn't come along that often!,with  quite a few individuals still showing some remnants of summer plumage.Every so often the birds would get up and fly around and eventually the culprit was seen,a cracking Merlin,my first since last winter.Other nice birds observed included 6 Whimbrel feeding out on the Salt marsh,a passing female Marsh Harrier and a single Greenshank.A nice few hours despite the rain and blustery wind.

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