Sunday, August 14, 2011

Local Patch........

Bonby Carrs.
A good walk around the patch this morning covering all the area between Bonby and Worlaby Carrs,saw me getting some nice sightings to log in the notebook.The first good birds were the expected ones,even so,they can't always be guaranteed and were the superb Common Crane and the equally stunning Osprey.As i got out of the car i heard the Common Crane and it was feeding in a stubble field towards Worlaby along the side of the Soak drain,as usual giving nice views,but for some reason every time i have watched it in a morning it calls continuosly,today it started to dance about a bit also as if displaying.It then flew further down the field after being flushed by a dog walker and was still there as i left towards the river.The Osprey wasn't present when i arrived,but she soon flew in with a fish and proceeded to devour it in her favourite tree,there must be some feathers and pellets under there somewhere,perhaps a walk across the field is needed at some point.Also seen near to the car was a single juv. Whinchat,watched flycatching along the grass verge and chasing the local juvvie passerines,which included several Reed Bunt's,Goldfinch,Whitethroat and Yellowhammer's,making for some enjoyable viewing.A single Green Sand was seen along here also with another in the Soak drain later.Other notable sightings included only my second Spot Fly down here,watched along the large hedgerow adjacent to the Soak drain,4 Hobby over,a juv. Peregrine which briefly dive-bombed the Crane!,23 Common Buzzard,which included the stunning pale morph adult that has been around for a couple of years,down near the river at Worlaby and 4 Marsh Harrier.Also pleasing to see were good numbers of Linnet and Goldfinch with 330 of the former and 207 of the latter,the Goldfinches making the most of the abundance of thistles this year.Non bird sightings today were provided by a lovely Buck Roe Deer at Bonby,8 Brown Hawker,114 Common Darter and a single female Southern Hawker.A rewarding 5 hours around the patch!.

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