Friday, November 25, 2011

Full Of Bean's.....

Thankfully for all my visiting bloggers,not the sort that affect your stomach,but the visitors from the russian Tundra.The birds were found yesterday by visiting birder Tom Lowe feeding on a oil seed rape field above Bonby village.Today the birds were first seen in flight over the same fields,but re-located to a harvested Sugar beet field showing fairly well,but could have been closer.There were 22 birds present today,with at least 1 of these being a Pink-foot.It wasn't the greatest place to view,with an undulating field and a gale force North Westerly blowing with blustery showers to boot.The birds then flew towards Barton,but i couldn't find them again,but will have another look tomorrow.This is the largest flock of this species i have personally observed and this winter period is turning out to be a special one for it and visiting grey geese as a whole.A great chance again to study this species,if only better views were gained,but no doubt i will bump into some more soon.

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