Sunday, February 19, 2012

Far-Ings NNR.......

A trip over to Barton today for 5 hours while Trace was at work,resulted in an enjoyable,but very cold afternoons birding.The first notable sighting was the pair of Redhead Smew watched diving for food and loafing on the Target Lake,giving superb views through the scope and allowing me a great chance to study this neat Sawbill.Unfortunately they were getting some unwanted attention from a Great-crested Grebe and continually moved out of the grumpy grebes way,but eventually settled on the far side of the lake at a safe distance.The next goodie was a very brief affair,as a single Bittern jumped from one area of reed bed to another,providing me with my first sighting of the year of this reed bed dwelling heron.The most enjoyable sighting of the day was seen next and consisted of me watching 2 separate Water Rail,with one of the birds showing superbly in the cut infront of Ness hide,close enough to see the red iris,what a beautiful bird this species is.Other birds enjoyed around Ness included a single Marsh Harrier which crossed north over the river,37 Shoveler,9 Goldeneye and a pair of displaying Great-crested Grebe.A decent afternoon out today.

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