Sunday, March 18, 2012

Local Bits....

Spent an hour down Bonby Carrs this afternoon in the glorious sunshine,playing with the new camera and managed a few nice sightings in the form of at least 12 Common Buzzard up in the air in the surrounding area and a nice group of 9 Roe Deer.I can remember a time when you would be lucky to see 12 Common Buzzards in a year never mind in an hours watching.It is a proper success story that this lovely raptor is now doing so well and thanks to the majority of gamekeepers long may it continue.The Roe's were watched snoozing in the gorgeous afternoon sunshine on the hillside above Saxby village,observing them at some distance through the scope,but nice to watch all the same.Other sightings consisted of the continuous melodic singing of several Skylarks,a couple of displaying Lapwing and a flock of 20 Golden Plover overhead.I also noticed on the way up Carr lane back to the village a large patch of Lesser Celandine,my first local ones.A nice hour or so in the great weather.

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