Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is in the air.......


Buff-tailed Bumble Bee.
A visit to the local area this morning at Bonby,saw some proper spring weather with the temperature gauge in the car reading 16 degrees centigrade.After getting the gear together it was apparent that there was a lot of birdsong and displaying going on.As i made my way towards the river,several male Reed Bunting,Yellowhammer and Skylark were in song and a few Lapwings were also beginning to display.As i stopped to scan around i spotted a gorgeous Barn Owl flying past me towards the river bank and he was then later seen hunting the river bank towards Worlaby Carrs giving superb views in the excellent light conditions.On todays visit no Harriers were observed,but at least 12 Common Buzzard were seen in the sorrounding area and i gained some cracking views of this my favourite bird.Today there was no sign of the Mink,but a few other wildlife sightings consisted of my first Buff-tailed Bumble-Bee of the year and my first proper wildflowers in the form of several clumps of Coltsfoot.A very nice spring morning on the 'Local Patch'.


  1. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing. I now know it was Coltsfoot I saw today at Askham Bog, York.

  2. Thanks Mike,spring is definitely in the air now :)