Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vipera berus revisited........

Half a day to myself today,saw me heading for the forest to look for those stunning zig-zag patterned vipers and today was another great encounter with them.I arrived on site at 08.00 hrs and it was bloody cold to say the least,with a decent frost and the temperature gauge reading -1.So i got wrapped up and decided to walk around the area to see what birds i could find.The best i could manage were a couple of Chiffchaff,a hand full of Siskin,Common Buzzard and 3 Grey Heron,but the best sighting was provided by 2 lovely Roe Deer,a Buck and a Doe.The Doe was scolding me with that very distinct 'Dog-like' barking call they have and she did a great impression of an african antelope as she vaulted over a fence and across the field to join her mate.I never tire of watching these lovely animals and can't comprehend why people want to hunt them.Eventually the temperature was getting warm enough and i managed to find some snakes at last,with 1 particularly confiding male and at last my first female of the year.The females obviously moult at other times of the year,as she was in pristine condition,unlike the males which are now getting ready to slough their skins.The female had some company with 3 males surrounding her,in total 5 animals were seen today.After enjoying the encounters with the snakes,i also managed some nice insect sightings which included 3 Orange Underwing and singles of Peacock and Comma.A lovely morning out in the eventual warm weather.

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