Friday, April 13, 2012

Lutra lutra and Spring Migrants......

Scarlet elf-Cup.
With nights finished i was dying to get out again,even at the prospect of getting soaked with showers again forecast,so i headed for my second home at this time of year,MSQ.After eventually deciding on what clothing to wear,i made my way down to Grebe Lake and within being there for twenty minutes i had seen 6 Willow Warbler,1 Swallow,2 Peregrine,1 Common Sandpiper and yes,you guessed it,the BIG mustelid watched fishing at the far end of the lake.I couldn't believe,it my second Otter in a week!,i watched him for about 15 minutes before he disappeared into bankside vegetation,but thankfully reappeared about 10 minutes later and showed fantastically through the scope,thankfully Dave had arrived by now and enjoyed his first Otter.Obviously the views were not as close as the Tickton male,but it was a pleasure to watch another,what a superb animal and long may we have the privilege of watching them locally.The Common Sand was seen flying over the lake,calling frequently,my first of the year and the Peregrines did the same heading in the direction of Twigmoor.Other notable bird sightings around the reserve included a single Eurasian White-fronted Goose loosely associating with a couple of Greylag,5 House Martin,3 Swallow and 15 Sand Martin hawking insects over the lake and in the end 14 Willow Warbler.In the plantation we managed to find another Scarlet elf-Cup and this one was a very fresh individual.So today's weather was crap to say the least,but we managed some great sightings to make up for it.

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