Wednesday, May 09, 2012

White-winged stunner......

After a 3 hour visit to MSQ this morning and early afternoon,very little was seen apart from 5 Sloe Bug,my first of the year and the weather was a total contrast to yesterdays lovely sun and warmth,being cool and overcast.So after this brief visit i travelled home,when after a few hours i got a text from Mr C,saying that an adult Iceland Gull was on the 'Patch' at Bonby Carrs.So i dashed off to add this stunning bird to my local patch list.It was watched on arrival,loafing and preening along with its commoner cousins on the wet fields giving great views of this gorgeous gull.The fields are looking in real good nick at the moment,with short vegetation and plenty of water,so no doubt more good birds will be found and the local Lapwings and Shelduck seemed to be happy with it.This bird was the first adult i have seen for a few years and also the latest personal record of the species,as by now it should be well on its way back to Greenland and thinking of breeding.Also seen today,was a single male Wheatear on a pea field between Barnetby and Bigby.

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