Monday, July 02, 2012

Messingham Sand Quarries Bits.....

Brimstone Butterfly larvae.

Araniella cucurbitana.

Green-shield Bug.

One of the many views of the reserve.
With the prospect of getting some respite from the dire June weather we have been experiencing,i headed for my second home at Messingham.The weather was fairly blowy and with the odd heavy shower,but generally warm and some nice bits and bobs were recorded today.Bird wise,with a slightly autumnal feel,were 2 Siskin and a single Redpoll in the plantation and a Common Buzzard displaying overhead and that was about it.Insects were well represented though,with a few butterflies about which included,male Brimstone,Speckled Wood,a handfull of Meadow Brown and my first 4 Ringlet of the year.I also managed to find at least 15 Brimstone caterpillars on some newly planted Alder Buckthorn saplings,which allowed some great chances to gain some good photos.Other insects recorded included 3 species of Grasshopper,Meadow,Field and Common-green.There were also still great numbers of Southern-marsh Orchids on show,in several areas of the reserve.Not a bad 5 hours out locally today.

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