Friday, October 19, 2012

Misty Barton.....

Female Neriene montana and Nettle-ground Bug.

Guelder Rose.

Centipede sp. Haplophilus subterraneus.
After waiting for another foggy morning to break,I decided to travel over to Barton and have a walk around the pits to the west of the bridge.I started by walking around Barton Reedbed reserve and then covering Bridge Plantation and walking all the way up to Chowder Ness and back along the Humber bank to the visitor centre.The best bird today,was the now resident female Red-crested Pochard and she was found loafing on the furthest west of the pits before you reach Chowder Ness,sitting on the grass bank,preening.She was then watched on the pit itself,aggressively interacting with the Gadwall also present on the pit,pecking and chasing a couple of individuals!.Its difficult to ascertain were this bird has originated from,but she is fully winged,so who knows.A few birds were seen passing overhead today,with a handfull of Siskin and Lesser Redpolls both moving west,227 Pink-footed Geese also followed in the same direction,a real joy to hear and see.In the bushes,at least 8 Goldcrest were seen in several 'Tit Flocks' around the pits and gave the usual superb views of this diminutive little cracker!.On the Humber a decent mixture of wildfowl and waders were present off Chowder Ness,with a couple of hundred Wigeon and smaller numbers of Teal,with a few Curlew,Bar-tailed Godwit and Redshank.Not a bad few hours,but fairly quiet to say the least.

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