Monday, November 05, 2012

Late Martin and Duck surprise........04.11.12.

Field Maple.

Fragile Brittlegill.

Gorse Shieldbug.

Hawthorn Shieldbug.

Muntjac droppings.

Orange Mosscap.

Dog Stinkhorn.
A change of scenery today while Trace was at work,saw me heading for one of my favourite reserves at Messingham,with some nice surprises being seen over the four hour visit.Best of the bird sightings went to two species,firstly a single House martin was watched over the second lake down from the car park,watched hawking over the lake and woods,a pretty late record and should be well on its way to Africa by now.The second was a reserve tick for me,a couple of Scaup watched on the main lake with a mixed flock of Pochard and Tufties.One of the birds was an adult female and the second a juv. female and they gave great views as they dived for food,a great surprise and a pretty rare visitor to the reserve.Other niceties included a good sized flock of 40 Lesser Redpoll,with a couple of birds looking like good candidates for Mealies,but i just didn't get good enough views of them as they were occasionally flushed by walkers and a Sparrowhawk.Associating with this flock also was a group of 20 Siskin which gave better views than the 'Polls',both species nice to see.Insect highlights are getting few and far between now,so finding two species of Shieldbug was a decent effort.1 Hawthorn and 1 Gorse Shieldbug were found in relatively the same area and i managed to get a few images of both.No mammal sightings were observed today,but i found signs of a species of which i have not seen on the reserve,some Muntjac droppings on the edge of the heathy area,i will keep an eye out on future visits.A nice diversion while walking around this superb reserve,was the multitude of Fungi on display,with me finding a new species in the form of a Dog Stinkhorn,a strange looking species,certainly living up to its name.Another nice day out despite the overcast conditions and drizzly rain,with some nice surprises on offer.

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